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Original stories from real life is a project that explores the redundancy of once valuable photographs, using found images and moving pictures. Throughout this project I work to demonstrate that the paying of a certain kind of attention to seemingly small moments in life, results in the emergence of poetic qualities.  
In a world where we are constantly exposed to visual stimulation, a single image can still maintain photography’s unique function – the ability to be simultaneously individual and symbolic.
In the first part of the project I present found images that are subjected to editing and re–contextualization. A new meaning that always co-existed in the image’s deep structure, surfaces out of the ’non–event’ of a snap shot or a commercial photo.
The names of the works are taken from notes and remarks on the back of the print or the margins of the slide
As we try to understand contemporary cultures by studying their visual garbage, the image becomes a screen for what we know about a situation or a person, and accommodates conflicting aspects in the life of a subject, and in our lives as viewers.

(Gaia Tedone)

Early images